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The Caped Crusader is in the Batcaves beneath Gotham City. Robin has been captured by Batman's adversaries, principally the Joker ad with some cunning assistance from the Riddler. The only hope for escape is to assemble the trusty Batcraft whose parts lie scattered round the deadly catacombs beneath and then speed off to recuse Robin.

He slides down the Batpole into his lair but before he can leave he must collect his equipment, which includes Batboots, Batbelt and Batbag which he will need to meet the challenge ahead. Until he has completely collected these items he will be unable to commence his search for the pieces of the Batcraft.

Some objects will need to be collected to use on the mission and certain others will prove fatal. Batman will have to use all his power as a super sleuth to decide to decide which objects to collect and which to ignore as he searches for the Batcraft and ultimate goal of being able to rescue Robin.

Once the 7 missing parts of the Batcraft are located Batman will then have to search for the launch pad whereupon he can fire up the engines and commence the rescue.

The Hit Squad1986
Number of Players
Multiplayer Style
Front: 4 (panel 1: Full)
Back: 4
Screens: 4