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Play it again Sam

You are Sam Spoon, Private Investigator.

It is a rainy Monday morning, some time in the the mid-thirties, somewhere in America.

You are dead broke, and the heavies are coming to collect!

Somehow you have to get out of this mess!

So when a beautiful frail walks into the office, and asks you to find her sister, it is an offer you cannot refuse, even though you know that it is bound to mean trouble, with a capital "T".

"Play it again, Sam" brings you the thrills in interactive Gumshoe Fiction.

Pit your wits against Mr. Big. It will not be easy. You will need patience, determination, and an eye for detail if you are to succeed. But then, you know that, that is why you are the best detective in town, and only the best is good enough!

A great detective adventure with Digitized Pictures.

Comprehensive Vocals.

Mastertronic Added Dimension1987
Number of Players
Multiplayer Style
Front: 4 (panel 1: Full)
Back: 4
Screens: 4